IYF World Culture Camp

Interaction with Youths from the World

The World Culture Camp began in 1995 as ‘Korea-USA Youth Camp.’ In 2001, the name changed to World Culture Camp and opened up for youths all over the world. A total of 2,858 students and youth leaders participated in the 2015 IYF World Culture Camp. Beginning in 2008, World Culture Camps were held in various countries in Africa, South America, Europe, and Asia with the support of the local governments. In 2015, IYF World Culture Camp was held in 25 countries.


– To train youths to have strong hearts through leadership training
– To inspire the youth and provide opportunities to develop a challenging spirit, self-discipline, and critical thinking.

Main Programs

Guest Lectures

Through the lectures of leaders from different fields, students are given the time to learn how to obtain insight into the future and the qualities a leader needs in order to lead the next generation. Mind Lectures Mind Lectures provide the opportunity to observe

Mind Lectures

Mind Lectures provide the opportunity to observe the world of the heart, which has been ignored in today’s busy and competitive society, and discover the true purpose and value of life and happiness.

Classical Performances

World renowned Russian musicians and the Gracias Choir perform the highest quality of classical music for the participants

World Cultural Performance

Dynamic performances from around the world that present the beauty of each culture and provide the opportunity to understand them.

City Tours

Festivals are held in the major cities of South Korea: Seoul, Busan, Daejeon, Daegu, and Gwangju

Mini Olympics and Recreation

Various activities give opportunities to unite and share friendship with the group members from all over the world.

IYF Short Marathon

IYF Short Marathon is a challenge to break the walls of limitations while running the 5km course and experience a sense of accomplishment and joy as they pass the finish line.

Culture Experience

Learn local language, history, and the culture.